Welcome to my web page! I love all thought(forms) Atlantean…please scroll through and if you have questions that are not answered on my FAQ page, I encourage your emails…I would like to share a bit about the Atlanteans and why their way of life appeals to me…

The people of Atlantis live with a very important set of rules or Canons. While the eight major Canons convey a number of ideals, the most important message is that nothing in heaven or on earth is more important than love – love for oneself, love for this beautiful world that harbors us, and love for the people who come into our lives. It is certainly not a new idea, but I think it is very profound in its simplicity and timelessness. The ultimate ideal of a Utopian society would not be very far from becoming a realization if we could just love enough.

“Africa! A vast continent that always seemed to me to be shrouded in mystery, enshrined in books, and movies, fueling other people’s imaginations and setting fire to someone else’s once-in-a-lifetime yearning. Never did I dream I would set foot on African soil. Africa was for people like Isaak Denison, Henry Stanley, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”, Beryl Markham, missionaries, and…Tarzan; myths and legends too remote, too legendary to have any real basis in my life…sort of like the dark side of the moon.” (excerpt from the book)



3 weeks after an amazing journey through Kenya and Uganda, we have captured our adventures in this Travelogue. With over 300 pages of daily journals and photographs, this Bucket list of Safaris tells the story of Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Leopards, Hippos and more. Learn about the ways of the Maasai warriors of Kenya, and the Batwa small people of Uganda. This new book will be available by June 2019.

The Trilogy is Now Complete!