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Europe Trip 2017

Poseidon’s Log – Day Eight

Susan was not feeling much better the next day, but in true Columbus fashion (or Marco Polo) we forged ahead...San Marcos square, the Palazzo Di Doge.The Doge’s Palace was where the eldest and wisest of the city merchants lived. Court was convened in many different rooms.Today we enjoyed aRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Fifteen

We are sitting in Athens' (Marco Paulo) airport, having passed through numerous ticketing and security hoops. It's amazing how scary a toenail cutter can look to an X-ray. But we are now settled at a table, with straight back chairs, the traveler’s anxiousness is waning, and the eyes areRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Fourteen

Today we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast,and then began our tour towards Siena and the Palio! We took the autostrade to the historic citi, found parking easily as the town was not yet tourist-filled.Duke led us straight to the Square del Campo; the site of the famous Palio horserace. IRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Thirteen

Today was a bust L I woke up and felt terrible. Apparently, since I hadn’t rested much and kept pushing myself to “go and do and be and see,” I’ve pushed myself into being sicker. Duke had to ask Andrea if there was a doctor available (on a Sunday,Read More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Twelve

Happy Labor Day week-end...Bongiorno a tutti Monde (oh, we’re becoming so proficient in Italian…NOT!) Today we are following a hand-drawn map given to us by Andrea. He has suggested a route from the vineyard that encompasses going and coming by two different roads, which for us, is a welcomeRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Eleven

Our first full day in Florence, and the meds that Susan got from the doctor seem to be working. So, we started the day with a beautiful continental breakfast atop the hotel. Greeted with a gorgeous morning view of the center of Florence, we fortified ourselves and then headedRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Ten

The closer we got to Florence today, the more beautiful the view became, with sprawling farms and countryside manors dotting the hills.And now! Meet Luiano! Our intrepid “it’s just Italian” tiny car…​Luiano was an automatic, but for some reason, undiscernible to us…it kept changing from automatic to manual andRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Nine

Obviously, day eight is missing…so let us move on! We arrived in the beautiful city of Verona. I am feeling worse, boo hoo to me! So, Mi Duca is making sure that we are not trudging around a lot, however, like a homing pigeon, he guided us right toRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Seven

Day Seven found us on our way to the famous Murano Glass Factory. The hotel provided a private boat to take us over,and we were received by a tour guide named Daniele. A very pleasant man with whom we spent the next 2 hours talking about glass making, asRead More

Poseidon’s Log – Day Six

Three legs to this trip: Santorini to Athens to Rome to Venice...ahh good to finally arrive at our destination. From the airport we took a Vaporetto (local water taxi) which took a long hour or so, and yes we are tired!but we finally reached our stop at the PiazzaRead More