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Tides of Change

Book One of “The Atlantis Chronicles”

The story begins far beneath the wild beauty of the Aegean Sea. Having survived one horrific cataclysm, a society as ancient as time, now thrives untouched and undiscovered in blue waters once ruled by Poseidon. Unknown to any but their Healer, a devastating secret threatens Atlantis with yet another extinction event. The matriarchal healing line, descended from Poseidon, no longer has an heir. In a desperate bid to ensure the continuance of their small, underwater community, Na-Kaieva Evenor, Most Sovereign Healer of Atlantis, unleashes a power the Healers have been expressly forbidden to use from the beginning of time. Rising from the hidden depths of Atlantis, Na-Kai’stele kinetic web of energy shimmers to a halt atop the jagged, volcanic cliffs of the exotic Greek island of Santorini. Compelled from her hotel room to the very edge of the dark, windswept cliffs, Daria Caiden is trapped in the grasp of Na-Kai’s relentless thought-form. Forced to dive from the precipice, Daria is pulled deep into the sapphire waters below. Floating in midnight quiet, she releases her last breath, and waits to die. In one shattering moment, events are set into motion that will bring about catastrophic change. Changes that no one could foresee

3-D Book Cover Image for Depths of Remembrance


Second novel of “The Atlantis Chronicles” trilogy

On the island of Santorini, hidden at Evan Gaddes’s abandoned compound, the remnants of war-torn Atlantis struggle to survive “topside” while frantically searching for the whereabouts of their cherished Healer, Daria Caiden.

Kidnapped by the brutal Travlor and unable to communicate telepathically with her beloved Ni-Cio, Daria must try to escape the grip of a megalomaniac bent on bringing the entirety of Terros under his rule, under his will.

Like the ocean tides, Currents of Will surge between Daria and Travlor, severely testing the limits of their patience, their endurance and their understanding of one another.

As Travlor’s insidious plans spread like a pandemic, the world’s nuclear superpowers edge closer to a war from which there is no return. Meanwhile, Ni-Cio, Evan, and a small band of Atlanteans, race to save Daria, her unborn child, and the world from total annihilation.

3-D Book Cover Image for Depths of Remembrance


Third novel of “The Atlantis Chronicles” trilogy

Erupting in chaos, violence, and war, the burgeoning Armies of the New Messiah push governments, societies, and the Atlanteans closer to the brink of nuclear annihilation. Demanding proof of life, Travlor’s followers stage savage coups across the globe as anarchy runs rampant.

Mortally wounded, Travlor lies comatose as Daria, suffering a massive contraction, enters premature labor. In a desperate attempt to save them, Evan somehow taps into an unknown healing energy. Fleeing Travlor’s Columbian enclave, the world edges closer to nuclear proliferation as Evan, Ni-Cio and his men race to get Daria and Travlor back to Atlantis.

Pulled into the depths of Travlor’s dying mind, Evan is forced to follow his father as Travlor relives his mysterious past. While Travlor struggles to understand his own hand in the tragic destruction of the original Atlantis, Evan discovers answers to secrets about his own humanity.

When the first bombs explode, destruction and death are unleashed on a massive scale. Unless Evan and Travlor can find a way to overcome the sins of the past, such a wrath will be brought to bear upon the earth that all life will cease to exist.

DEPTHS OF REMEMBRANCE is the third and final book of Susan MacIver’s breath-taking, action packed adventure trilogy; The Atlantis Chronicles.