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Canon#1: As children of Poseidon you are granted the paradise that is Atlantis

In the purity of your actions will it remain thus

I have no idea where this first Canon came from! However, I will try to elaborate…

Rules…why do we have them? Moderate behavior? Help societies flourish? Possibly help people live better lives? Certainly to help us live together without infringing, too much, on another’s right’s.

Through the ages we have dreamed of Utopia…a magical place where everyone and everything lives and works in harmony…but what if, by following the tenets of an established society, we didn’t just offer lip service? What if we embraced the tenets into our very hearts and souls so that our actions became a reflection of the purity of our thoughts and feelings?

Is it enough to say “I will not covet my neighbor’s wife/husband,” when all you’re thinking is, “Wow, she’s/he’s a hottie, wish I had one night with her/him!” The ‘do not covet’ rule may prohibit your actions, however, your thoughts exhibit a wholly different intention…

You might be thinking, “Thoughts can’t harm anyone.” Hmmm, maybe, maybe not. Following the rule might keep you from hopping the fence, BUT, if the opportunity presented itself, and no one would EVER find out…what would you do? The line between coveting and not coveting has already been crossed in your own mind. So, there is no purity of thought imbuing your action or lack thereof…there’s just the fear of getting caught…of being found out…or possibly, the more altruistic reason of not wanting to hurt either spouse.  

I think many of us follow the rules not only because it’s a good way to stay out of trouble, we may truly believe that they are right and acknowledge that they are here for a reason. But what would life be like if the purity of our thoughts led to the purity of our actions?

In the above example, one’s thoughts would never extend beyond, ‘do not covet.’ So, those thoughts would never cross into action. The admiration of someone’s physical aspect might possibly evolve into, “What a beautiful person.” Period. End of sentence. End of thought. And there would never BE a line to cross. If we could imbue our actions through the purity of our thoughts, maybe it would herald the end of ‘ego desire.’ Then, maybe just maybe, we could usher in our own version of Utopia.

Just a thought.

With all my heartfelt love,


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