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Sink or Swim! 

Canon #2: The healing power descends through my lineage

 Live that you flourish

Attend not and you will surely weaken


In “The Atlantis Chronicles,” the healing power (granted by Poseidon and inherited through the maternal line) was a beautiful gift. He wanted his people to enjoy optimum health and very long lives. (I believe that good ‘ole boy enjoyed partyin’ down and never wanted it to stop)…HOWEVER (cue the “Jaws” music) those gifts came with their own set of rules. And it was possibly Poseidon who initiated the now famous “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid) method; you break the rules, I break the contract…

It occurs to me that when we inherited this incredible human form, we came to earth with our own set of gifts. Those gifts, uniquely ours, are part of the fun of finding out who and what we are. Some of us, myself included, take a while to realize their gifts. Others are able to focus their energy to enhance and develop their gifts at a very early age. (I always wished I could be one of those guys!)

Our most singular gift is the gift of life itself. It is ours to do with as we wish. HOWEVER (you got it…white, sharp, BIG teeth, swims fast) it is easy to get sidetracked and squander this precious resource. We can live to eat, drink like fish, do as many drugs as one body can possibly consume, whine, complain, be miserable, let our bodies fall into disrepair, and end up shaking our fists at the heavens wishing it had all been different. There are consequences for our actions and truly, not much wiggle room.

Lucky for us, we are an interesting study in dichotomies…we are as fragile as the breath of a newborn kitten and as strong as the proverbial oak. We can rise above the worst tragedies to inspire others or we can be felled by the smallest incident that taints our lives forever.

The choice, though, is ours and that in itself is an incomparable gift. We have been given godlike powers over our own bodies, hearts, souls and minds, but the wondrous thing is…it’s all up to us. So, what kind of life do YOU want? Do you want to flourish? Or would you rather attend not and weaken? The beauty part is, sink or swim…the choice is yours.

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