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Whatever You say bounces off Me and sticks on You!

Canon #4 from “Tides of Change; Book One of The Atlantis Chronicles”:

Whether in the heavens or the earth

 We are bound by the same essence that creates life

Hurt another and you ultimately hurt yourself


This is simply the law of “you reap what you sow,” or Karma or “cause and effect” or “for every reaction, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

If a pebble is dropped into a small pool, the ripples spread out until they reach the edge. Eventually, those ripples bounce off shore and return, spreading out even more.

On a personal level, my son was once blind-sided by a Ponzi scheme. It was a hard lesson, but thankfully he was quite young and recovered. However, the perpetrator was arrested and stood trial. There was an amazing number of people that showed up to testify. By virtue of the draw, I was able to speak first. I don’t remember much of what I said, but I do remember turning to the wrong doer and saying, “You have no idea the number of people you have hurt. I don’t even know you and yet you hurt me because you hurt my son.” The ripples from that con scheme bounced around all over the place. And because the judge sympathized with the victims, the criminal was given the longest sentence possible…

If our intent is simply to punish ourselves, there are still ripples that touch not only family and friends, but people we might not even know. The repercussions of our actions, known and unknown, seem to reverberate forever…

So, Poseidon knew what he was talking about when he presented the fourth Canon as part of his “8.” Ultimately, if we treat ourselves and others gently, then the reaping part will be less painful and probably a lot more fun!

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