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Second novel of “The Atlantis Chronicles” trilogy

On the island of Santorini, hidden at Evan Gaddes’s abandoned compound, the remnants of war-torn Atlantis struggle to survive “topside” while frantically searching for the whereabouts of their cherished Healer, Daria Caiden.

Kidnapped by the brutal Travlor and unable to communicate telepathically with her beloved Ni-Cio, Daria must try to escape the grip of a megalomaniac bent on bringing the entirety of Terros under his rule, under his will.

Like the ocean tides, Currents of Will surge between Daria and Travlor, severely testing the limits of their patience, their endurance and their understanding of one another.

As Travlor’s insidious plans spread like a pandemic, the world’s nuclear superpowers edge closer to a war from which there is no return. Meanwhile, Ni-Cio, Evan, and a small band of Atlanteans, race to save Daria, her unborn child, and the world from total annihilation.

Tides of Change 3D book cover image Susan MacIver