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Third novel of “The Atlantis Chronicles” trilogy

Erupting in chaos, violence, and war, the burgeoning Armies of the New Messiah push governments, societies, and the Atlanteans closer to the brink of nuclear annihilation. Demanding proof of life, Travlor’s followers stage savage coups across the globe as anarchy runs rampant.

Mortally wounded, Travlor lies comatose as Daria, suffering a massive contraction, enters premature labor. In a desperate attempt to save them, Evan somehow taps into an unknown healing energy. Fleeing Travlor’s Columbian enclave, the world edges closer to nuclear proliferation as Evan, Ni-Cio and his men race to get Daria and Travlor back to Atlantis.  

Pulled into the depths of Travlor’s dying mind, Evan is forced to follow his father as Travlor relives his mysterious past. While Travlor struggles to understand his own hand in the tragic destruction of the original Atlantis, Evan discovers answers to secrets about his own humanity.

When the first bombs explode, destruction and death are unleashed on a massive scale. Unless Evan and Travlor can find a way to overcome the sins of the past, such a wrath will be brought to bear upon the earth that all life will cease to exist.

DEPTHS OF REMEMBRANCE is the third and final book of Susan MacIver’s breath-taking, action packed adventure trilogy; The Atlantis Chronicles.

Tides of Change 3D book cover image Susan MacIver