Why did you start writing?

I wanted to try something different, something creative. While sharing wine one night with my sister, she read two paragraphs I had written about a girl diving off a cliff. She looked up, eyes wide, and said, “It should be about Atlantis.” Suddenly, a magical puzzle fell into place.

Writing a whole book was not anything I had ever considered and I have to say, ignorance is bliss. If I‘d known just how challenging the journey would be, I might never have jumped off that particular cliff!

Where do you get your ideas?

I’ve gotten some wonderful ideas from my family and friends. And while watching the Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, I had two entertaining thoughts which I was able to incorporate into the first book. Oh, and of course my own imagination.

Did you study writing in school?

I don’t remember studying much of anything in school. I was more interested in having F.U.N.! I was very active in sports and truly enjoyed the physical outlets of anything from swimming to skiing.

Once I had written the book…only then did I think to take a writing class. Amazing how that works! However, it wasn’t until I discovered Tom Bird, my friend and mentor, that I feel I finally evolved into the writer I wanted and hoped to be.

Where do you get your characters?

I know you’ve heard this before but the characters in this book were just tapping their feet, waiting for their story to be told…Why they chose me, I’m not entirely sure. However, they didn’t give me a lot of choice. Maybe their thought-forms compelled me to write!

Are your characters based on real life people?

There are traits they have in common with people I know but the Atlanteans I wrote about exist on another plane…

Which character are you most like?

Except for my love of the ocean, I don’t think I resemble any one of them. However, I can recognize pieces of myself in each character. I think we would all like to have Marik’s strength of character, Ni-Cio’s need for adventure and the selfless love that Daria exhibits…and sometimes, I just feel meaner than a snake. Why, I probably make Travlor look nice!

Which character do you wish you were most like?

Well, I wouldn’t want to be like Kyla because I really don’t like to cook. Travlor is too ornery and Daria is too beautiful…I guess I would choose Mer-An. She’s got that tomboy aura yet still is female enough to appreciate a very deep love for her man…not to mention the fact that she gets to swim with dolphins and play with the children!

What kind of book is Tides of Change?

The only way I can think to describe The Atlantis Chronicles: Tides of Change is…epic adventure, fantasy, science fiction, romance…come to think of it, maybe I can’t describe it.

When are you going to write the second book of this trilogy?

I have already completed the draft of the second book entitled, Currents of Will. I expect that it will be in publication late Fall of 2017.

Why did you choose a trilogy?

Once I started writing the first book, I realized the story was too big to be contained in just one novel. A trilogy goes beyond a sequel and takes us into the adventures of an epic. I felt that the very idea of Atlantis deserved the respect of an epic.

What interested you about Atlantis and have you been to Greece?

The sheer mystery and myth surrounding Atlantis is as engaging, to me, as Camelot. I think our hearts always yearn for that perfect Utopian society…I know mine does. Because of that aspect, I wanted to explore the possibilities that a small band of people could have endured a tremendous cataclysm and that perhaps their society could have survived through the ages with their ideals and way of life intact.

Having never been to Greece, much less the gorgeous island that figured so prominently in Tides of Change, Santorini is at the top of my bucket list.