Over the last few weeks, my 82 year-old mother…who is a dynamo…suffered a stroke. My sister and I took turns staying with her in the hospital. They had to give her a horse tranq to settle her down, and once she was able to sleep, I told Cindy, “You just watch, she’ll sleep for two days then wake up and walk out of here.”

Which is almost exactly what happened, I’ve never seen powers of recuperation such as hers! We should all be so lucky!


Duke, my husband, had an ablation (his 3rd) to settle his AFib down. (Prior to the procedure, he was in AFib the entire month).Which he has been in for over a month prior.) They had to laser him 147 times in order to obtain a normal sinus rhythm. I thought I was wearing his heart out!

Mom and Duke are doing well. They’re both back home (in their respective abodes) and are once again Large and in Charge!

I’m considering that I’ve received my Christmas gifts and not only that, I believe that my sister and I have been the recipients of two Christmas miracles.

I wish all of you, the happiest New Year, ever. And may love and belly laughs surround and hug all of you as we approach the close of 2016 and step into 2017. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and writings…they have kept me inspired and going when it was hard to put one foot in front of the other.

All my Love,