Day Seven found us on our way to the famous Murano Glass Factory. The hotel provided a private boat to take us over,

and we were received by a tour guide named Daniele. A very pleasant man with whom we spent the next 2 hours talking about glass making, as well as family and values to live by.

First, we watched the making of the glass figures. Daniele explained that the ovens get as hot as 1,800 degrees to maintain the glass at a liquid state. The Maestro we were introduced to had worked in the factory since he was 8 years old! Today he is 78 and going strong!

He heats the sand and has 1-2 minutes to mold, and decorate! As the glass starts to cool, he places it back in the ovens and this process of cooling and heating allows him to continue the design. The horse figurine he made for us took maybe 2.5 minutes after which he threw it into the trash with a very dramatic show of disgust! Too easy! Bah! Give me a REAL challenge!!!

We viewed other beautiful glass pieces in the gallery. However, Duke with his artist’s eye, found this incredible piece which signifies everything about our visit to Santorini, The Atlantis Chronicles and my journey into the unfolding story of Atlantis! Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t do justice to the sculpture…the colors are entirely of the Aegean and Santorini! So, you’ll have to come visit to see the real thing!

Pictures of Murano glass are beautiful but cannot replicate the purity of color and movement in the glass itself. However, real life imbues anything and everything with a soul…and the sculpture we brought home has taken on its own soul. Can you guess the name we gave it?  It will forever signify our magical discovery of Santorini (Santa Irene).

Daniele offered us a tour of Burano (a fishing village nearby) but we opted to head back to Venice proper. As we were boating back to our starting point, it was funny to see the number of yachts lazily moored in the harbor…and all I could hear was;

My yacht’s bigger than YOUR yacht, peasant!!!

I had started feeling poorly as I managed freeze the night before due to a turbo driven air, we needed sustenance and a pharmacist! We found a quaint, out of the way, cafe from San Marcos square and had a quiet lunch.

After a little siesta, we ventured out again and walked around as much as we could. There must be a city law that requires all architecture to utilize red brick, but above all, the building must be beautiful, or it simply is not done in Venezia!!! The city is magnificent and all around, you feel the history, hear the whisper of court intrigues, see the incredible masques! And without even trying, we are swept back in time as the Doge ascends his throne to host a glorious ball with Mozart, Casanova, and the Medici’s in attendance!

Spaghetti Vongole brought the evening to a delicious conclusion. The gondolas glided by beneath starry skies giving us one more reason to fall in love with Italia!

Day 8! Stay tuned!

Day Seven found us on our way to the famous Murano Glass Factory. The hotel provided a private boat to take us over,