Happy Labor Day week-end...Bongiorno a tutti Monde (oh, we’re becoming so proficient in Italian…NOT!) Today we are following a hand-drawn map given to us by Andrea. He has suggested a route from the vineyard that encompasses going and coming by two different roads, which for us, is a welcome change from the highways. One of our goals was to find back roads through the Tuscan countryside so that we could fully enjoy the small towns, walled villages and the green vineyards that are as much a part of the landscape as the sky or the earth.

First stop: Montereggiano…

A beautiful walled village with a history that prides itself on the fact that the village withstood the attacks of the Florentine army for years. However, a terrible two year siege ended their ability to deflect such an advance. Nevertheless, today it is quite peaceful.

And picturesque

Next stop: Volterra...no, not "Volare, oh, oh..."

Volterra a medieval village, which was occupied by the Romans...but then, who wasn't occupied by the Romans?

It only took 45 minutes to tour mainly because we had arrived early enough to miss the throng of tourists that flock to see this famous little town.

Next, we travelled to Vinci, the birthplace of that most famous of Vinci’s sons and the town’s namesake; Leonardo da Vinci.

The Museo de Leonardo had wooden replicas of most of his inventions and being the non-engineer that I am…I had to read what they were able to do, because I couldn’t figure it out just by looking!!! It must be an incredible talent to possess; to be able to study a problem…and then invent an entirely new way to address said problem that doesn’t involve duct tape.

As it was time for lunch, and being good Italian tourists, Duke found a marvelous little ristorante not far from the museum called Antica Osteria al Nicchio. I have never seen this name recreated anywhere! As you can imagine, I went into a swoon! Ni-Cio (pronounced exactly the same) is a main character and hero in Tides!

Of course…libation with lunch is a must!

Heading home, we were glad to see the downhill slope leading to La Torre Antica! A quick dip in the pool and dinner promptly at 8! Maybe a little vino on the patio before the first course…of course!

Tomorrow (domane) Sunday, we’ll take it a bit easier…

what a perfect day!

Happy Labor Day week-end…Bongiorno a tutti Monde (oh, we’re becoming so proficient in Italian…NOT!)