Thank you for visiting my website. As you can see, the Home Page is dedicated to the books I have written. I am proud to announce the newest edition (pun intended) to my library, The Keeper. Different from the Atlantis Chronicles Trilogy or the Africa travelogue, it is a stand-alone thriller, based on actual events.

Should your interest be piqued by any of the stories, please click on the image of the book, and a link will take you to the follow-up description.

I am no longer registered on any of the social media platforms. However, if you would like to write me, please find the contact page and fill out your information along with your questions or comments. I promise I will write back. 🙂

While I have certainly enjoyed writing these stories, it is my heartfelt hope that my readers will enjoy the wild ride these stories provide. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Stay safe and well, Susan

Tides of Change 3D book cover image Susan MacIver