The Keeper

Fleeing Years of Horrific Abuse

Do Not Read This Book!

If you do not want to go to the next level of creativity and imagination. Be aware of experiencing fear, anger, and denial. Bring a Kleenex for tenderness and love. Bon vogage!

Suzy Platt – Marble Falls, TX

The Keeper is riveting, it is a stay up all-night page turner! 

Page and Shay were excited to spend some much needed down time in the mountains where their parents had a cozy cabin in the woods. But during their first night driving, something Extraordinary would change their lives forever! In a flash, their car was rocked by a sudden impact. In a strange turn of events, their lives would spiral out control and they knew that the sleepy little town of Woodrose Creek had a lot of secrets. Secrets that the town folk would do anything to keep quiet!

Kay Schlichting – Horseshoe Bay, TX



“The Keeper“ is a paranormal tale that grips a reader from beginning to end!

I thoroughly enjoyed every tasty morsel as I digested the suspense that satiated me from the time the sisters started on their adventure to the chilling end to their journey. If you are a fan of sci-fi and/or the paranormal dig into this satisfying plate of the spooky and frightening. The oxymoron is that you will be satisfied but you will want another tasty bite! You won’t be disappointed!

James Pflueger – San Tan Valley, AZ


The Keeper is a thriller of multiple dimensions.

It looks at the dark souls of those who would profit from others, and it is a testament to the cruelty we so willingly inflict on others. From the very beginning, we are trapped in a web of increasing tensions that drive us to discover the final outcome. Carefully crafted disclosures pop up when least expected, and not wanted. The Keeper is a classic Thriller that measures up to the best!

Carleton Ayers – Temecula, CA

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