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Thou Shalt…Canons for the Ages!

The Atlantis Chronicles Canons Overview

“The Canons” are the rules or code of conduct that I decided to use in The Atlantis Chronicles. When imagining a written code around which the Atlanteans could build and live their lives, I saw Poseidon, as the god and creator of Atlantis, handing down these 8 (the number 8 turned on its side, reflecting the symbol for infinity) Universal Truths. When he did, he promised his people their lives would be enhanced through living these Canons.

When I was sifting through the many and varied ideals I could use, I remembered the Bible and the ‘Big 10’ (all thoughtful and applicable to everyday life). However, rather than focusing on so many Thou shalt nots, Pavlov’s idea of rewarding good behavior became the basis I used to imagine Poseidon’s Canons. I wanted to incorporate the idea of Love (wow, that’s something new) as the guide and motivation for the Atlantean civilization.

I think it’s interesting to think about being a god and creating your own set of LAWS by which your people could not only survive but thrive. I’m sure the Klingons have an entirely different set of laws than the ones I envisioned for Atlantis…

Opening one’s heart to that Jesus inspired ideal of agape love is a challenge for all of us…But just think, if we could love enough, there would be nothing we could not forgive and nothing we could not overcome…and what a world that would be…

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